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Kathak is an enigmatic, energetic, classical dance form of Northern India.


Bollywood dance is a colorful, energetic, fluid and mystical dance style featured in numerous modern Indian films.

Indian Folk Dance

Folk dance is a rural extensions of the larger Indian population. Folk dance includes Bhangra, Garba, Lavani, Dollu Kunitha and more.

Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances!

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4+ Dance Styles

20+ Stage shows yearly

One BIG Annual Show

500+ Students so far

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Individual attention

At Aarabhi we provide individual attention to dance students by providing timely feedback and instant correction. We utilize social media to effectively communicate student’s performance!

Highest standards of Instruction

Aarabhi is a member of “The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing”, one of the world’s leading dance examinations board. We are aligned with ISTD syllabus and follow a structured approach towards teaching students, training professionals and conducting examinations!

Smaller class sizes

We believe in imparting quality education. Most of our class sizes are between 4-8 students. With our smaller class sizes, students feel confident interacting with teachers and have a competitive environment at the same time!

Performance Opportunites

Aarabhi performs at more than 20 stage shows every year at various venues in Wisconsin. Our Big Annual show is an excellent opportunity for dancers to bring their friends and family together to showcase their artistic talents!

Opulent Costumes

We strive hard to bring authentic costumes from India designed specially by experienced artists. Our opulent costumes are a visual treat for both the dancers and the audiences!

Workshops with world renowned artists

Aarabhi consistently brings renowned artists from around the world to impart the highest level of education to students. Learning from the Gurus is the ultimate experience a dancer can have!

Dance is not merely an entertainment!

Here is a quote from ABHINAYA DARPANA by Nandikesvara, describing the enhancements dance can bring to one’s life- “It yields the fruit of righteousness to those who follow the moral law, pleasure to those who follow lust, a restraint for the unruly, a discipline for the followers of a rule, creating vigor in the impotent, zeal in warriors, wisdom in the ignorant, learning in scholars, affording sport to kings, endurance to the sorrow-smitten, profit to those who seek advantage, courage to the broken-willed; replete with the divers moods (bhavas), informed with the varying passions of the soul, linked to the deeds of all mankind, the best, the middling, and the low, affording excellent counsel, pastime, weal and all else”
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Multiple Class Locations!

Classes are conducted at various locations. New classes are formed every month. Based on student strength, age group and studio availability, class locations are identified.Please call for more information!

New Berlin

Casa Di Danza 21415 W Greenfield Ave, New Berlin WI 53146.

Milwaukee Downtown

Astor Street Dance Studio  1228 N Astor Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202


DanceSport Studios N144W5660 Pioneer Rd Cedarburg, WI 53012

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