Dance Styles

Kathak Dance
Kathak is the enigmatic, energetic, classical dance form of Northern India. It has traversed a long journey from the temples of India to the courts of the Mughal rulers, even the mehfils of the baijis, to films, yet always retaining its essence – flowing, lucid and graceful!!! The hallmark of Kathak is closeness to real life, be it in the positioning of the body or even its costumes. Unnatural movement of the limbs and exaggerated movement of the hips are not deployed, resulting in an easy maneuverability of the body and the feet. While natural grace is maintained, the basic stance of the body lends itself to complexities in footwork and the ability of the feet and body to perform to breathtakingly increased tempos.

Among all the traditional classical dance styles of India Kathak has a prominent place. Kathak is the name of a community of musicians and dancers. Thus the dance which is being performed by these Kathaks hereditary is called Kathak Nritya. Literal meaning of Kathak is a story-teller. It is supposed that in ancient times these Kathaks used to be appointed in temples for narrating mythological stories, philosophy, words of wisdom, ethical values and living practices through music and dance.


Discover Bollywood
Dance is as diverse as the world and communities we live in. Especially bollywood dance is a multifaceted dance form which not only represents the rich Indian tradition but also include refined and experimental fusions of classical, folk and Western forms. Bollywood dance offers a great blend of Indian dance routines to a lively traditional celebratory Indian music with athletic yet graceful full-body movements.

Bollywood is a colorful, energetic, fluid and mystical dance style featured in numerous modern Indian films. Grow creatively while challenging yourself physically and mentally in one of the most idyllic settings. Whether you are new to dance, returning to dance, or looking to maintain your chosen craft, our classes are geared for you.


Folk dance
Folk dances, an integral part of the Indian social milieu, has undoubtedly added richness to the culture canvas of incredible India. India is a home to numerous folk dances. Indian folk dance form is a primitive, tribal or ethnic form of dance, at times essential for the survival of certain ancient ceremony or festival.These forms of dances are mostly group dances immensely popular among all classes. Hence, generally folk dancing is viewed as more of a social concern activity rather than a competitive one.

Most of the costumes worn for folk dances are colorful with extensive jewels and designs. The folk dances of India are performed with extremely simple and minimum steps or movement and full of energy and vitality. Folk dances are the rural extensions of the larger Indian population, for example, Bhangra of Punjab, garba of Gujarat, Kavadi Aattam of Tamil Nadu, Lavani of Maharashtra, Dollu Kunitha from Karnataka.


Bolly-Flex fitness program
We are thrilled to introduce the inspirational, fun and challenging fitness program “Bolly-Flex”. Bollywood workout is one of the latest fitness trends which is based on Indian dance but fused with styles from around the world. All you have to do in this class is dance to lively & upbeat bollywood music.

Bolly-Flex is a one of a kind dance workout with easy moves, which will help you not only lose weight but also to become a better dancer! We highly recommend this class if you are looking for something fun that you can do mindlessly to unwind, but still get the heart rate up and the sweat dripping!